16804  21 Mile Rd.  Macomb, MI. 48044
Phone: 586.226.9006

In our quest to offer something for everyone to express their individual creativity, we have developed Sessions in creative writing, short stories, poetry, lyrics,  We also offer tutoring in reading skills, language arts, report writing and research and math.  Also included are sessions in  public speaking, forensics speech / debate, and the dramatic arts.

Our music education programs include lessons for piano, voice, guitar, drums, violin, brass and woodwinds. These programs are designed for students of all ages and all levels. We strongly encourage music theory as part of our curriculum. We include musical games and age appropriate activities which are both physically and intellectually stimulating.  This helps to make the learning of musical concepts more effective and much more fun.  We also offer the students an opportunity to perform their songs in our Music Olympics Recital Programs.  This helps with their dedication to practice and builds self confidence while gaining performance skills. 

For those who like to express their Artistic ability, come and meet Art Coach Sabrina and experience our wonderful Fine Arts program.  Coach Sabrina instructs young artists in all aspects of artistic technique.  She shares her knowledge with the students introducing them to experience many interesting art forms and mediums. Some basic programs include classes in pencil drawing, painting, cartooning & animation, soap carving and clay sculpturing.

Music Lessons

Piano - Voice - Guitar - Drums

Violin - Brass & Woodwinds

Music Theory & Composition

Creative Studies

Creative Writing 

Short Stories - Poetry

 Dramatic Arts - Tutoring

 We welcome visitors to call and schedule a tour of our facility.  We will help you take the first step to find your dream of artistic expression.  We would love the opportunity to show you why we are so proud and excited about

The Music Stadium Center For Fine Arts & Creative Studies. 

Fine Arts

Pencil Drawing - Cartooning Water Color - Oil Painting

Soap & Clay Sculpturing