Our state of the art piano lab has twelve Roland Digital Piano's with all the technology of a modern College University piano lab. The young students love to experiment with the equipment.  They are able to record up to 16 tracks of music or play their songs with a full orchestral background.  This technology not only stimulates the creativity of the students, it makes learning music much more interesting and lots more fun!!

At the Music Stadium, we believe that parents should strongly consider the piano as a child’s the first musical experience.  The notes on the piano are clearly visible and are in an understandable  exact order.  Leaning to play the piano gives any music student a fundamental understanding how the notes move and are combined to make music.  In addition, the musical concepts and vocabulary learned in the study of piano will make it easier for a student to transition to any other instrument.  It is especially important for vocal students.  The piano is invaluable and essential for pitch and ear training.  Learning the piano will give a child a gift for their entire lifetime.