All youth Piano Sessions are for one full hour.  We offer a half hour of in Music Theory games and age appropriate musical activities in the Music Stadium. The student then enters the state of the art Piano Lab for a half hour of applied hands-on Piano sessions.  There are from six to ten students per class with five to six piano teachers and music coaches.  This format is very effective in allowing the students the best opportunity to learn and successfully grasp music theory concepts that are necessary to build self confidence  as well as develop the technical skills that will allow your child excel in their music studies and aspire to take music into their adulthood and beyond.  Music Stadium students learn to play the piano and have fun doing so.  It also motivates the students to achieve their maximum potential.  The learning of music also teaches them important skills that will help them be successful in their school education and greatly enhance the quality of their life.     

The Music Stadium Center has a unique approach to music education.  Allowing the students to become part of a classroom atmosphere, the music theory and concepts are learned by letting the students participate in age appropriate activities and musical games which tend to open their minds to a deeper understanding of how the notes of music function.  They learn all the elements of music including: Keyboard Keys, Staff Notes, Rhythm, Tempo, Expressive Dynamics, Musical Intervals, Scales and Chord Progressions.  This knowledge will allow the students to progress in not only their piano studies but also with any instrument or even a vocal endeavor.